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American brand of sports nutrition, which heard and enjoyed every self-respecting bodybuilder. The brand was designed for professional athletes from the very beginning. In 2015, an American team that had 15 different locations in the United States closed them and created a single brand which called Dragon Pharma.

As the company States, they guarantee an affordable price for excellent quality.


  • Hydra Dragon Pharma, after a long rest from various drugs and a break in training is exactly the kind of supplement that helps me get back in shape and quickly and confidently. Already for the first time after the reception I immediately added 2 kg despite the fact that I introduced restrictions in nutrition and cut carbohydrates and this indicates a strong anabolic effect of Hydra.

Mark Lloyd, San Francisco

  • As usual, each new day begins with the reception of hydra from Dragon Pharma. Still confidently moving forward, the form becomes better. This complex gives a very good feeling of fullness as each workout is very good inflates from a strong pump and this effect remains after the workout.

Felix Berry, Charlotte