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Manufacturer: Dragon PharmaSubstance: Trenbolone MixPackage: 10 mL vial (150 mg/mL)

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TriTren 150 (Trenbolone Mix) 10 mL vial (150 mg/mL) – Injectable Steroids from Dragon Pharma.

Tri Train Dragon Pharma contains esterified trenbolone as an active ingredient. The preparation consists of three esters of active substances: acetate, enantate and hexahydrobenzyl carbonate. This combination will provide a permanent hormonal background for a long time. For at least ten days, the active substance will TriTren enter the blood. This mixture of esters makes it possible not to administer each of them separately and to produce three esters simultaneously. It makes steroids more convenient and saves your money because the price is TriTren quite high. All esters decompose alternately, first acetate, then hexahydrobenzyl carbonate and postenantate. The latter esters are similar because they can be replaced if necessary.

Rub Tren effects:

  • Effectively develop muscle mass of high quality (proper nutrition, regular physical exercises and regular cycle with TriTren will help the athlete to gain up to 10 kg of muscle mass) without aroma;
  • Increase endurance and power performance of the athlete;
  • Good compatibility with other drugs;
  • Inhibition of catabolic processes in the body (TriTren can reduce the level of cortisol, which destroys fat reserves in muscles and the body);
  • An increase in sexual attraction (some athletes at the end of the cycle cannot face an increase in libido, but on the contrary will notice a decrease).

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